Video Game Podcasting

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How to create a successful video game podcast in a crowded market.

Everything you need to know to create and launch your own successful video game podcast from someone who's done it himself multiple times and mentors others on how to achieve success too.

For more details read the page about Video Game Podcasting on RobotsRadio.Net.

Written by Tom Blair, creator of the Robots Radio podcast network and host the Fallout Lorecast, the Elder Scrolls Lorecast, and many other shows. He also mentors the members of the Robots Radio Rocket Club, a group of new podcasters who meet weekly under Tom's guidance.

Tom's shows regularly top Apple and Spotify's top 50 Leisure and Video Game charts and rank among the top 0.5% of podcasts globally.

  • Download the book in PDF format.

  • Size
    12.2 MB
  • Length
    50 pages
  • Download the book in PDF format.
  • Size12.2 MB
  • Length50 pages
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Video Game Podcasting

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